“Ultimately, we can succeed only if we unite in solidarity, moving out of the ‘protest paradigm’ and learning to exercise the power we have.”  (Deborah S. Rogers)

Spoofing the granny image of a century ago, they dress in aprons, shawls, feathers, and flowered hats, singing humorous songs targeting their concerns.   In these costumes they engage in street theatre antics to gain popular and media attention.To quote a line from one of their songs, “We’re  just a gaggle of grannies – we don’t sit on our fannies.”   The grannies sing about war, escalating military budgets, nuclear pollution, medicare, landmines, fair trade, climate change, GMO foods, toxic pollutants and war toys.   Most “gigs” include suggestions for follow up action – what people can do and who they can write to.

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