The Montreal Raging Grannies work to bring attention to peace, justice and environmental issues. Our songs about the environment address the problems of clear-cut logging, toxins, pollution, oil spills and radiation. We also have a range of “Anti” songs. Anti-war, free trade, nuclear, poverty, war toys and violence against women

We are raging because

  • Climate change is destroying our planet 
  • Gender based violence affects everyone
  • 40 armed conflicts are taking place in 36 countries one trillion dollars a year is spent on the military action. 15 countries use child fighters under the age of 15 years
  • one-fifth of the world’s people consume 80% of the world’s resources, while the poorest are left with just over 1%

We have:

  • presented many briefs at Government hearings, including Health
  • participated in events at schools, CEGEPS, hospitals, churches,environmental women’s organizations
  • attended protests
  • demonstrated against clothing corporations use of sweatshops.
  • marched with environmental groups to protest the government’s inaction on climate change

 We will continue to rage until: 

  • Native land claims are settled justly.
  • Our planet’s future looks green
  • International disputes are settled with justice and non-violence.
  • Violence against women and children is eliminated